Our Thai News Company Story

September 28, 2020 Off By admin

Me and Aj started ThePattayaNews.com but we realised having it in English meant we needed it in Thai language first, so we started ThePattayaNews.co.th around the same time in 2018, which my wife oversees.

We knew that our traffic would be limited with Pattaya news, we started more national news but we knew it was better to have a separate website and brand.

We employed a new writer for the national news and had extra articles written while we designed and built a new National news website, which is called TPNnational.com (short for The Pattaya News National news) we couldn’t decide on a name for many months and wanted to make sure we had a domain that was the same. So we ended up with that name.

We started the national news in September 2020, but we realised that we needed more Bangkok news and that starts in Thai also, because our journalists are Thai, so we decided we might as well start TheBangkokNews.com (we cannot get the co.th version unless we trademark it or set up another company, as we did with The Pattaya News.

We have been struggling to pay our bills during this period due to a lack of income from NWG, however during the whole covid period, we have paid all our staff 100% despite the struggles it has given me, so we have given the team extra work with these extra news sites and social media pages but we had to employ 2 more people, so we were able to get two more sites up and pages without too much extra expense, its a long term game with short term losses.

https://thepattayanews.com/ – our first site which is in English but has 7 automatic translations. (costs are quite high so far)

https://www.thepattayanews.co.th/ – our first Thai language site but second news site, far more content than the English site but far less traffic because Thais tend to stay on our facebook page and groups.

https://tpnnational.com/ – Our first National news English language site, which is our third news site, started around late September 2020

https://www.thebangkoknews.com/ – Our second Thai language website but our fourth news site.

The first two have 2 facebook pages each, 2 groups each.

The national news has a new facebook page, but an older group.

The Bangkok news in Thai only has a page so far.

We are on LINE, tik tok, Youtube (Thai side has professional videos made all day full time) twitter, linkedin and a few other places.

Improvements/Staff needed.

We have many improvements to make but we need more staff or we need everyone to work harder. We need to do videos for the national news in English, more Pattaya news in English and videos full time for the Bangkok Thai website. We also need more tik tok accounts because they are doing very well.