Why I don’t lend money anymore

January 8, 2018 Off By admin

Several “friends”, acquaintances and other people,  have asked to borrow money from me.  I have lent people money to help them with business,  cancer treatment and other stuff.  Most people disappear with debt, others just lie and some guys are just struggling. (because of the reasons below)

There is always a good excuse, its never simple, the money is always meant to be coming back fast,  my wife shakes her head at me every time I have lent people money,  but I have decided in year 2018 to not lend anyone any money at all, unless its family or friends that

1. work

2. do not take drugs

3. don’t have a lavish lifestyle

4. have a family

5. have genuine reasons

6.  Aren’t in bars often or using bars services

Saying no to people that want to borrow money is very awkward because they often blame you for whatever problem is going to happen next.   Most of the people that ask to borrow money, I have seen in bars drinking, high on drugs,  not working and spending their money on ladies.  I am sorry but asking me for money for food does not make me forget all the stuff that you have been doing in the last week. This is turning into a rant, but this is aimed at all the people that try and live off others families.

I have been with no money, I have suffered,  I have had to do jobs I didn’t want to do, I have endured pain and misery.  My first 6 years here were tough,  but guess what?  I kept my vices to a minimum, worked my ass off, adapted, worked smart,  tried to set money aside (was the toughest bit) .  The last 3 guys that asked to borrow money from me both have taken drugs recently, not worked enough or at all and like spending time in bars.  There is nothing wrong with those 3 vices if that’s what you want to do, but the WORK bit needs to happen.  And I have a family I am trying to secure the future off and I have lost enough lending money or having bad business partners steal it.

I often feel sorry for guys on their ass here, I am always helping people try to make money or get work, but alot of people do not follow up, do not want to work and they do not have a right to stay here, its a dream, its a privilege,  if I ran out of money and steam here and for some strange reason I could no longer adapt and make money, I would go back to England and keep my dignity,  you have lost one battle, you have not lost the war,  I would go home, recharge, change my strategy and launch the mission again!

If you really want to live, work or make money here, please remember to adapt, please don’t set boundaries to yourself or excuses why you cant work, you need to work what is available, you need to follow opportunities,  if your mates are clickbank guys, then milk the situation, if your friends are business owners, then learn from them and start your own.  Use leverage, skills, learn and add value, find solutions to problems and people will pay you.

I have spoken to many business owners here and alot of them feel the same,  many guys do not have good work ethics here, possibly because its a party town, too much booze, too many ladies and too many people not working.   This is the time to rise above everyone, find motivation from your vices,  if you want to indulge here and live here, then you need to put the hours in!  You need to outwork everyone else (well you don’t really need to but if you want to be the best)

The video below is my medicine, if you are in a rut then you can only get out my earning money, borrowing money just makes everything worst.  I have seen guys borrow money for nights out, bell rings and all sorts,  I have never seen guys borrow money to get onto a course or buy training.

There are lots of meetings here (check meetups), there are lots of networking events (mostly bangkok) there are lots of people out there working hard and playing hard.  I am sorry about the motivation speech,  but for the guys asking to borrow money,  they might be getting a link to this article from me.

All of my money has come from work, I didn’t steal or win any of it. I got it from good work ethics and integrity,  if you want to borrow my money, please be a man and provide for yourself, please work and stay away from the bars.  Drugs, time off, staying in bed, indulging on vices is not something I wish to pay for, so please do not tell me that its for food or rent.

If you are a real friend, you will respect my wishes and not ask me.  But it doesn’t mean that I won’t help you find work or a solution.  Thanks for reading and I hope its made a few people think before they contact me.  Most guys assume I have money lying around,  actually if i have any excess money, I reinvest it all into something, then i am back down to just enough to get by.