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A guy critised me for doing too many businesses at once and overstretching myself, yet they have never spent a day with me. They do not know what resources I have, they do not know anything at all about how I do things or my mindset,  so I will explain one example here.

Lets use the Night wish group as an example,  I set this business up with a vision, I got investors, brought bars, drove the company and hired good people. ( I am the leader) Its what I am good at,  infact I am not a good team player because I think about the big picture and years ahead and most people don’t.  I will give you an example,  someone important pissed you off over a deal,  if you threaten, chase them etc you will fall out with them,  you are here for the next XX years you need as many friends as possible, so sometimes you just have to take it in the ass and smile.  Sometimes a customer is wrong,  but if you want to argue over your principles and let your ego get involved, then you will fall out with them and lose long term,  you really need to look long term in these situations, and learn how you can avoid it next time, adjust the system, train the staff to prevent it again.  I am fiercly independant and work alone better, but I am good at building teams and over-seeing them.

So, some people think I am too busy because of Night wish!  Well, here is the truth and I am happy I have an opportunity to explain it.

We have a business partner covering the financial side of things,  I look occassionally and ask him if we can afford X Y or Z,  he normally says no, but I do it anyway, this is wrong but Entreprenuers will often take more risks than most people as they often see things ahead and look at the bigger picture, whereas a typical finance manager would like security and less stress running on fumes.  Its a fine balance and it often causes friction in most companies.

We have a manager in each bar, he deals with alot of stuff,  I read the day to day problems but I dont need to deal with them, they do all that, so I am layered from all the day to day stuff,  but I still read problems and add my opinion ocassionally. I also come up with good ideas, and I am good at solving problems. These managers are the management team with Vag training/assisting/supporting everyone.

Vag is the general manager, he is running the entire management, I often tell people he is the boss now,  he makes better decisions than me within the way we deal with staff (he is more firmer than me, but fair) and hes more socialable, my self awareness and lack of ego lets me recognise that he is better to do this and I put him in control.   He messages me for advice sometimes or asks me to arrange meetings,  I follow what he does but he needs little or no help, just the odd opinion.  He needs my support like we all next each other,  I often spend time trying to teach him stuff and encourage him to learn and help him develop as a person.  A good leader creates leaders, they grow people not keep them down.

Recruitment,   we have a team of female recruiters, there are 4 of them and they work full time almost.  They are tangled into the cashier group also.  Vag oversees this and I have nothing to do with it anymore, except I run the odd advert or if we need managers or cashiers I can help.

Cashiers,  we have a group of cashiers that are like the managers personal assistants, they are basically supporting them and paid highly for doing it, they have alot of work and responsibility behind the scenes, these girls are the unsung heros in our business.  (cashiers have 2 groups – one for day to day running to report back and talk to each other and one for police issues with my wife in it)  Vag oversees these.

Each bar is also a team on its own, with the manager, cashier, girls all in one group, with the odd recruiter overseeing it and helping with the girls/cashier.

I estimate, our business has over 19 very active facebook groups and probably 16 LINE groups to run our business. Even the visa guy and builder has his own group. Maybe I should write about communication next mmmm

Photos/social media, we have a group for this with all the managers i and our social media guy and photographer. We post tips, advice and ask for shares etc. We can request more photos to be taken as we have a full time team. We can announce parties.

Graphic design,  all the managers are in this one, making requests all day and getting there fliers back directly, these groups basically save people time, everyone sees everything and we don’t need to pass things off or ask/check if things are getting done, because we can see it.

Security, this is just one guy but basically all the managers/cashiers have direct contact to him.  My wife manages him.

Business protection.  This is my job, my wife, her “family”, and the relevant people in offices and a lawyer on retainer.  We pay over 120k a month to protect our business.  I am not going into details on this one, but basically this is one of the few jobs I am really involved in. But my wife acts for me, so I often pressure her, but thats business. The legal stuff, contracts, landlords, licensing is ran by a few of these, but this is my wifes full time job and its hectic for her some weeks and quiet some weeks, but she has alot of responsibility and pressure, but she manages it well, right now she has a few big tasks to complete, then i said i would take her and Anthony away for 5 days as a reward.

If I died tomorrow the business would keep growing stronger, I don’t think there would be more bars, but it would keep improving, I have set this business up so I can work on other things or just stay at a muay thai camp, but all my time is kept free because I do need to do random shit sometimes.  (like finding and buying a bar – this is tough if you have a full time job, i need to be able to drop everything and get one with a task) Sometimes I have to check on things because 2 brains is better than one, I am good at running meetings than most people because i love teaching people,  asking for feedback.  Even popping to each bar ocassionally to see what problems the managers have is something I enjoy, because often they tell me stuff that I can act on and improve the business.

We are a team, we are strong and no ones death would kill this machine.   I can work as I please most the time, unless shit hits the fan, which is very rare.

I will quickly visit the magazine that is another project,  that someone said I havent produced yet,  I wanted to make a magazine, i looked into building a team up, but then we start from scratch and thats expensive,  so i went to the guys that are already successful and have proven themselves, they know everything and everyone local,  why reinvent the wheel at great expense? I offered to write for the magazine because i do it for fun anyway, but we have a writer and guys don’t want to read this stuff in genera, my stuff is highly targetted,  so without going into detail, i have helped get us some advertisers and my role has been to fund it. If i was to get involved I would be hampering them. Entrepreneurs put teams together, if i turned my phone off for a week then it would still progress.

Buying bars is “team me” but that is pretty much until the contract is signed, then everyone else takes over and the team do the rest.


Most business owners stay business owners instead of entrepreneurs because they don’t have the ability to trust, then lose millions of pounds that they could have made if only they started trusting people,  while they are worried about someone robbing 1000 baht from the till.  Ok, some people are happy without growing, fair enough, but trust should never be an issue to stop you from growing. That demon in your head costs you big time.   When we have teams, their are many eyes and ears in one place, and people talk… only a very few of us are really trusted (me, Vag and Ben)  we have no choice but to trust each other and I do genuinely trust them.   The cashiers are responsible for the money not the managers, so the cashiers aren’t trusted exactly, they are watched and checked aggressively.  As for managers, I trust them all also,  but if they were to do dodgy things, it will come up in the cashier meetings or even the chat.

If you read all the above, you can see why its almost an insult (I don’t like being underestimated) to say I am overstretching myself, I set things up properly and we have over 300 staff working for the bars.   But I am still busy in real life because i have many meetings about setting up new businesses, I am learning hours per day, i am often meeting many people to build relationships, i am helping people, i am setting up new businesses, i have a family and i have my own pleasure time that i need which includes Muay Thai.  I won’t see my wife or kid this week much because I told my wife, I am going to “grind” all waking hours and then in a few weeks we go away for 5 days for quality time, this is a very good deal imo.  I will keep adding ideas, following up and helping the business, but its all pleasure as and when I want to do it.

I apologise about my grammer, it seems to upset 1 person a week, but I would rather not write than spend hours editing, I do this for fun and checking it is not fun! None of us are perfect and I am over it. lol