Mosquitoes, heat, heavy traffic and bad schools

September 7, 2017 Off By admin

Mosquitoes, heat, heavy traffic and bad schooling is what puts me off living in Pattaya, Thailand, but I have cracked all those issues, sort of.

Mosquitoes – I now have an effective zapper inside my house running 247,  so its killing almost all of them off.  If I put a zapper outside it will mean far less in the same area, because they don’t travel to far.  Also the body gets used to them and nasty bites are less common. I really hated getting bitten in the past, it really pissed me off all the time.

Heat – I have almost cracked the heat by acclimating by using less aircon at home, using fans more, higher temp inside the car,  even saunas help. That means when I leave the house, i am less sweaty and hot as fast. Also trying to avoid the heat is a good way, some people sleep in until 3 pm,  I get up 6 am to train, its cool.  Then i go out in the car on jobs, then come out again when its cooler. Now that I am older and wiser, I spend more and more time at home, studying and with my family.

Heavy traffic –  I am often stuck in traffic trying to get across sukhumvit,  but I love getting stuck in traffic now, because i can listen to audio lessons, or watch my favourite youtube channel for learning. It gives me time to think, learn, what messages to get out next, what jobs to do. There is no way i can focus solely on all this stuff if I am not driving.  I just subscribed to blinklist and thats a great audio tool for listening to books key points, i need more driving time.

School – Many parents take there kids back to farangland to use the schools there, but I have managed to earn enough to put him through an international English curriculum school, so we all win.  But there are sacrifises made financially, but i am very happy about the decision I have made.  I also never ever let him go on a motorbike, so he is safe travelling around.