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The last 2 months of my life here have probably been the worst since I arrived around 10 years ago, from guys cheating me, making business problems, staff problems, problems with authorities and just generally dealing with low life’s. People constantly ask me why I deal with all these types, but I am in Pattaya and trying to make a living. I have a large network of business guys that I know now, so I have plenty of good people to talk to, but I still have to deal with crap, but its my own fault because thats business in the entertainment industry I do not sit in bars more than 10 minutes unless I have a meeting with staff or people that may want to do business later, I just don’t like to sit still anymore. I have been fed up dealing with trash. But this is a small problem.

Everyday living here we get doom and gloom about the authorities next moves, people canceling holidays, people leaving, it feels like we are under attack all the time, I am normally the one that is the most positive, but its very tough to remain positive when everyone is being negative about all the situations we are in. I know Pattaya isn’t over and never will be, I know changes will happen, but alcohol and ladies will always be around, so for the tourists they don’t need to worry, its just the business owners that will be tested during these times, can they adapt fast enough?, can I adapt fast enough? The biggest question I ask myself everyday now is what business can I do next to keep my family supported and our mortgages?, (I have opportunities lined up) I just needed to pay a house off to secure my future here, but I will have to work hard for it over the next few years.

I have been looking at Cambodia because of what other guys are saying about being welcomed, but I made a vow to stay in Thailand until I die and love this country forever, also I feel I am one of the stronger ones that can survive, after all I have adapted my income over the last 10 years to stay here. I thrive in problems and changes but I feel sorry for the guys that can’t or wont.

Last month my love for Thailand was at an all time low, so I decided to start back 2 hours of Thai lessons every single day, eat Thai food, surround myself by Thai people, watch Thai TV and listen to Thai radio. I have also stayed at home more studying stuff using YouTube.

I am an rekindling the love I had for Thailand and staying away from the doom and gloom and negative people in Pattaya. I have always loved Thai people, just not the way the authorities act. I don’t feel welcome here when I read farang news or comments. But in day to day life, I feel very welcome by the Thai people around me, and they are the core reason most of us are here. A lot of media here love scaremongering and putting stuff up that attracts a lot of attention, just because a minister or someone in Chiang Mai said something, doesn’t mean it will be implemented.

I have found learning daily, practising Thai, watching the TV and listening to the radio in the car has brought my love back again and remind us why I am here. I will bury my head in the sand for a while until I am back to normal and my thoughts about leaving goes away.

I wrote this a while ago to help guys, I should read it again

I am not reading much on facebook for a few weeks, no farang media and I will try to socialise with some Thais out of the Pattaya bar scene. I think for the expats living here, its worth staying for the ride and see where it takes us, the problem is they change the goal posts and rules so often, but I am sure every developing country has done this, I honestly feel things will settle down when the elections come, its never going to be back to how it was, but nothing ever is, but when we lose things, we gain opportunities, so I will see where this ride takes us!