Playing To Your Strengths – being accountable

June 5, 2017 Off By admin

I think one of the best gifts a business guy can get is self awareness, in-fact I think that’s a big secret to highly successful people, a lot of people need to be self aware to get the best out of themselves by improving.

I also find a lot of people spend too much time trying to fix their weaknesses, I actually think its better to get over your weaknesses, and play to your strengths, their is always someone that can fill your weaknesses for you anyway.

When I exercise alone or study, there is no one watching, I under-perform without a doubt, its embarrassing but I admit to it. So the way around that is to do things in-front of an audience and be accountable for what you do.

My yoga teacher says hold 3 minutes, I hold for 5 minutes, she constantly calls me an over achiever

Recently I have been lifting weights at the gym and I over perform and push myself because I want to set a good example as I have people watching and expecting high from me. I don’t hide in quiet gyms.

Muay Thai and boxing, recently I haven’t trained good enough because its quiet in the mornings, but I’m going to start training at 4pm when their are many fighters around, I will step up my game and improve, if i don’t I get hurt or embarrass myself.

Every idea or plan I do, I write it online first, then I need to do it and I try to do it beyond what was expected. That’s another reason why I post so much,

If you work for someone and deliver more than what was expected you will do very well, if you supply a service to customers and do beyond what you expected, then they will come back for more and more,  so the trick for me is to get an audience, show people what I am doing, I become accountable, I outperform and I impress people. Obviously some times it appears I didn’t do something but that’s because I can’t write a follow up publicly, I am happy to be called out on things as it teaches me a lesson, I just get annoyed when guys refuse to understand or believe what really happened.

I just wrote this post because this is one of my most powerful tools, I was thinking about this when I was jogging at 7 am, now I jog in my neighborhood, and i tend to jog stronger when people are watching especially younger males or attractive females. I should take my top off and show off my fat, that will make me train harder to fix it.

There is no better encouragement than a girl watching you at the gym, I think that is when guys shine, we had a few girls in our group and it should increase the weights between the men much faster and make them more competitive.

Maybe I am just to competitive,  but that’s a very high driver alone.