Finding good staff in Pattaya.

May 23, 2017 Off By admin

Most business owners struggle to get good staff in Pattaya. Finding skilled workers is tough. Finding one reliable and punctual is almost in possible in Pattaya. Finding both is like winning the lottery imo. The business owners in Bangkok dont seem to struggle as much getting real workers that dont disappear after 2 weeks. Especially getting staff at higher levels.

This is the reason I look for staff before I buy anything. Anyone can fundraise and buy a business, it takes little skill. But getting good staff in place and keeping them is very tough. The successful guys here recognise this and pay higher salaries. The unsuccessful ones are just trying to get cheap staff and they have very poor retention and the business suffers. But that loss is invisible to the unexperienced so they keep looking for cheap staff. (Thais think we are stupid paying our cashiers so much, but we cant afford to lose some of them)

Alot of successful restaurant owners here with a big kitchen and many covers, just train up their own guys. Otherwise if you get someone highly skilled already you need to pay alot, often they have an attitude. But if they were really good the previous employer would keep hold of him with a higher salary.

To sum up the job market here, one restaurant owner said he just wants someone that wants to work, knows about heat, turns up on time and comes daily. He doesnt even need to have any experience. He will teach them!

One thing annoys me is that they rarely give notice, they just disappear. So many times i hear “i am just going to get some cigarettes”, then they leave.

I recommend don’t buy any business here unless you have good staff lined up and a relationship with them, plus a backup plan.