Taking my kid out of school at 13.

May 15, 2017 Off By admin

I had an idea today.  My plan was to travel the world when my kid was 16 years old with him left behind doing his college. But now I am thinking how useless school is to our children, its good for socialising but their is children everywhere. We don’t need the 10 times table and most of that anymore, we don’t need most of science, but we need some for real life, he can get all that watching documentaries.  None of the things we learn at school is useful, they don’t teach children to lead, to be strong (much the opposite now)  they slow down the childs progress if hes a fast learner, they don’t teach you how to be good parents, they dont teach you how to find a good partner and look after them, they don’t teach you what countries to look at for work or to invest. They teach you that 2nd, 3rd, 4th place is ok and give everyone awards, well you are either the winner or not,  I don’t want him weak, if he doesn’t win he needs to accept it and try harder again! I think I can create a better education targeting his interests, natural abilities which we will discover later,  he will have to read to improve his English and Thai and I can throw him some lessons in sometimes.
But I feel traveling the world is the best education in life, i can teach him business, to be a leader, to be strong, He has just been to the UK for 2 weeks and he has come back so much more grown up, hes like a new kid!

One of the flaws in this is that he may not get certificates unless he does them fast in one year,  but certificates are old hat now anyway, I cant see anyone looking at resumes in his generation, he doesn’t need certificates to run a business, i can send him to business school later or put him in a friends business to learn etc.   One of the key things is to see if he wants to follow after daddy or if hes dead set on being a lawyer or accountant, then we will have to get him fast tracked 15-16 so he has the certificates.

I don’t want to force him into business, but if he chooses that route, then he can be taught that very young and he will be doing crazy things later! Even if he wanted to be a lawyer later, he could just open a law company and manage lawyers.

BTW my kid came back from school today and said its boring, i remember the torment and the hatred i had for life when i went to school daily! I was a fast learner and didnt need half of the lessons!

School is designed for day workers, so the children have care all day for the 9-5 people, I am not a 9am -5 pm guy.

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