Writing my first book about Making Money In Thailand

May 13, 2017 Off By admin

I have done the contents page, please leave a comment if you see anything that needs adding.  (they are not in order)

I am aiming for 90,000 words approx, so its 3750 words per section on average

“How to make money in Thailand by finding work or starting a business”

Not in order


  1. Introduction. – my story
    2. Choosing your location
    3. Preparing for business – company structures (boi), business model, business plan basic directions
    4. Personal branding and branding
    5. Due diligence -scams and hustles, licences, landlords/contracts-see16
    6. Staff – meetings, cultural differences, getting respect, staff retention, recruitment
    7. Services to offer /products/ market research
    8. Growth
    9. Advertising and social media
    10. Exit strategy.
    11. Networking
    12 Motivation / work ethic
    13. Hacking life as an expat
    14. Investing
    15 Finding investors, partners, share holders
    16. Landlords and Contracts – key money, contracts, monthly rent, contract changes, contract fees, some of the problems we have found with landlords
    17. Dealing with failure
    18. Competition and being competitive
    19. Success leaves clues
    20. Case studies – successful stories and failures, getting staff, scams

    21. marketing and market research, SWOT analysis, market analysis – promotional events, loyalty programs, discounts, happy hours

22. Visa, work permits and the law

23. Psychology of customers, expectations and unwritten rules

24. Financials – planning, book keeping, cashflow, accountancy, taxes, banks, loans, mortgages

25. Finding work

26. Buying an existing business