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Over the last 3-4 years a lot of people have contacted me about investing in me or whatever I am doing. I have said no almost all the time. This was because the amounts varied from 1m-15m and I was unsure what to do with it or structure it. I didn’t want to take money when I wasn’t confident in what I am doing. I am doing business here for the long term and I want people that are involved with me to be happy. Critics will say that anyone can promise, but it took me years to build up an honest reputation and its an expensive habit! All the guys that have invested in me so far are happy, even the restaurants were a success in the end even if it didn’t go as planned.

I have visions to build big companies long term, I have started consulting one business owner already and I am very happy with our partnership deal. I have been personally getting involved in property here with my wife already but I want to start more larger projects.

I am ready to start taking investments in the following: My idea is to open up an investment company very shortly, and we open one new company per project underneath that company. One project for example will be 10-30 houses built and sold or rented) Its my name in the company name and I will protect my reputation, (I am not passing investment money to another company) my partners are experts in this field, their advice will carry a lot of weight. We haven’t agreed on all the details so far, but I wanted to make a post to see if anyone is interested in investing.

We cannot guarantee returns, but we will offer B shares in each project and profit will be divided. Our first property development we will likely be more generous, but it will be a lot smaller so we can iron out any problems we face. We have already got projects planned out and ready to start, (once we have the funding) We will offer as much security as we possibly can, our business will be legal and transparent.

If anyone is interested in investing in this concept, please send me a message using the contact form or my facebook links below and I will add your name to a list and we will contact you professionally with full details of each project we have lined up. (we will be doing only one project at a time to start with) My other possible ideas are hotels and resorts.

I am hoping to do some serious business soon, so I feel I will get even more guys wanting to invest. I welcome questions from possible investors or criticism because it will help us design a plan that people are happy with.

One last criticism that I might get is people will say I have no experience in property development, my partners do, and I have many business owner friends that know a lot of stuff, I have access to a lot of information and resources. There might be grammar mistakes in this message, but its me and its real, its written off the hip and its on my Facebook. You are investing in a real person not a company who could have many things going on. I wont be walking around in suits, as I will stay the real me. But I will dress smartly as usually after sun fall when its not stinking hot!

I am not trying to compete with other companies here or I wont attack there business models as they are far more experienced and successful. But I feel I can target a different type of investor.

Who am I?

I am the founder and owner of Pattaya Addicts forum.
Founder and leader of The Night wish group with 14 bars.
Part owner of two restaurants.

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I try to help business owners and motivate people to start businesses.   I would like to be a consultant for some new Pattaya start ups.