April 20, 2017 Off By admin

This is a constant subject for people “high profile” or people that are very successful or get alot of attention.

I will give an example of a few things haters do. Im not talking about people disagreeing with me or the odd arguement. I am talking about the sad losers that make things up because they have nothing on me, its often laughable to the people that know me.

I am always happy in the knowledge that haters always have nothing, they lead sad and miserable lives because they are losers and they want to justify it by trying to put a successful person down to their level. They get comfort in making up false rumours about others. 555

I don’t moan about these guys and i dont give them attention because they have nothing positive to contribute.

Today someone asked me how do I put up with the “zombies” “haters” but i do because they drive me. The compliments far outweigh the haters. But they are both driving forces.

I get guys messaging me daily saying thank you for the content i create, it gives me a real buzz. But the haters make me want to go out and expand. The more successful i am the more it hurts them.

I dont understand why these guys dont ask for help instead of making stuff up. One guy said i have ripped off all my business partners… well they are all very happy and I can introduce them for people to verify. But they arent interested in the truth lol

The pictures of me with girls really hurts them, thats what triggers the most hateful comments. I often delete and ban them from pages because i dont want to upset the girls. I even have a guy saying bad stuff about my wife using different fake accounts, these sad losers have no limits and they are almost always anonymous. One sad fucker had 3 fake accounts attacking me in the comments of every attack he makes. These guys are my bitches and spend alot of time unintentually giving me attention. They are pretty much working for me for free.

Once you get haters here you know you are doing well. They can never think of a valid reason to dislike me and they have never met me and the lies they spread shows they have no idea what i am like.

I thought I would put this message out to thank the haters driving me. There isnt enough yet, i cant be doing well enough. I cant wait til we double the bars we have. That might drive them to suicide.

The followers count is going up daily on my page so i must be adding value to peoples lifes.