Married 6 years today

Married 6 years today

April 19, 2017 Off By admin

I met my wife 9 years and 4 months ago.  We got married 6 years ago today (we had the celebration event this day – but went to register it later)

Many guys say I am very lucky to have a very good wife that loves me and forgives me for whatever I do wrong.  But I don’t consider it luck, I just don’t tolerate lazy, dishonest, bad tempered etc girls.  It took me around 5 different relationships with Thai girls to decide to settle with her.  At the start it was love at first sight,  she didn’t speak a word of English but I knew she was the one for me, so we started dating and then I asked her to move in with me within a week.  I knew enough Thai to get by but not enough to know her.  I had almost no money when I came, (30,000 baht) the Thai girls think we are all rich and it took her years to realise I was telling the truth.

The first month I committed to stay with her forever,  I agreed to give her 5k a month for her daughters upkeep and school, which I thought was very fair, (but I was rarely able to pay this) she was 19 at the time and was listening to the wrong people,  I suggested she went to beauty salon school and I remember a cheque back from google after overcharging for tax on adsense.  It was around 51,000 Baht I think and her school was 48,000 upfront.  I paid for that in one go and she started school.  I was buying her phone credit, food and giving her a few hundred baht a day to get by.  Then she asked for 5000 baht to rent some equipment for her parents farm,  I said I do not have it.  I woke up in the morning, she was gone and there was a long note in Thai, she had returned the motorbike and anything I gave her,  this was a good sign but i was livid, i ripped up the note and i hated her so bad,  I had invested in her and was even ready to accept looking after her baby, i had took her to the doctors to make sure she had all her vaccinations etc.   I was so angry I didn’t want to speak to her again..  After 1 month together it was over.

I carried on working and shagging a few girls here and there and in the space of around 6 months I had around 5 different girl friends.  One I dumped because she was more into tomboys,  one i dumped when i found out she likes to provoke anger,  one i dumped because she couldn’t drink enough water, if she cant look after herself then how will she help me!

During this 6 months she kept messaging me over and over again, her English was crap but I often told her to fuck off, i was so angry.  Then I started using her when I had no money,  I was nice to her and respected her, but i didn’t want any form of relationship with her, but over the space of a few more months and drunken decisions, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her,  she loved me deeply, she was still dressing a Thai way, still no English but there was something about her, she was so good natured and kind. I started to fall in love with her again and after a bottle of vodka one night, I agreed 5 in the morning to take her back on again,  but now I was living in Sattahip and she had to commute sometimes.

Later on she started to understand me and I understood her.  I had paid 48,000 baht and other things, second hand motorbike and I had no money.  She was only thinking about money she could sent to her parents because she got poor advice from her friends.  I said to her I spent all my money on you and you ran off!  She just thought i had lots of money and was being mean.  Anyway months after she went away she realised she had fucked up! They always say a man falls in love first and it decreases slowly over the years and women don’t love the men for a while then it increases over the years, this is what happened with us.

The good thing about my wife is her family are very very good people,  any arguments with her (even if my fault) I would phone them and tell them and pass the phone over, then they complain to her and she listened) its one of the best tricks.  This is another reason why I trust her so much, she doesn’t have a bad family controlling her and they are always on my side even when they know I have fucked up, they are very old fashioned like that.

We often had no money, sometimes 100 or 200 baht to last us a day, our water and electric went off often.  This gave us a rock solid basis to a strong relationship, She was with me through all my bad times and forgave me over and over again.  I used to binge drink 3 times a week and it often caused rows when I got home and I also played around when i was drunk.  When i gave up drinking 3 years ago, she describes it as winning the lottery,  I still don’t understand why she put up with me all that time but I am glad she did.

At the start of the relationship I taught her how to email, use hotmail (msn) chat, drive cars, helped/pushed her to learn English, I wanted to make her independent and liberate her. (shes got her own car to use also) When I first joined facebook I got her on there, all my friends said don’t let your lady go on facebook etc,  but my motto is if she leaves me or finds someone else, then we weren’t made for each other.  Friends fought to keep their ladies off facebook because they were scared their ladies might leave them. I also got her managing our money because I don’t like that job,  she was responsible for paying all the bills etc and shes always been frugal and still is.  Shes the opposite to me in that way so we compliment each other.

All this time in personal development that I invested in her has paid off, i have thrown many tasks at her and taking her through barriers that stop most people achieving stuff,  I am her motivator, teacher, without me she couldn’t operate,  likewise she is my rock that I can go home to,  I tell her all my business stuff and many other things,   shes very quiet and doesn’t talk to people much, but its great because that openness has many advantages in problem solving and understanding later.   She has got to a great level now and is on many important contacts,  she does all the banking, licensing for the bars, checking contracts,  visas, due diligence etc and she is very trustworthy.  She doesn’t want more mortgages but I push her to get them,  she does it to please me.   Shes happy with nothing and says she doesn’t need anymore, but I explain its for our kids future not ours, we won’t be cashing up assets.  She is very capable of doing tasks on her own and I do not worry about dying on her because shes got all the info to continue, infact if she died then I would have a hell of a time going through tons of paperwork/contracts we have.

I do bring alot to the table, I do treat her very well, I love her alot and I promised to be with her forever,  but I do have my downsides,  I have been caught messing around countless times over the years and I feel so rotten and horrible when I have been caught because she is so loyal and in love with me,  but she has forgiven me multiple times and we often talk about it in an adult way and we joke/laugh about it often.  She said she will never accept it and its the only thing she wants from me, is to stop messing around, she doesn’t want possessions just faithfulness.  But we are all programmed in a certain way and I think I have said enough already, yes she will read this, infact she wants people to know the suffering I have put her through but I am honest and open enough to write it down. She is adult enough to understand it but not accept it, but I am working on that.  You won’t get honesty like this from most people.

I often teach her business stuff, take her to seminars, conferences, shes going to see Tony Robbins next week as a treat to her,  but she has her limitations,  shes not actually interested in business and I doubt she will do her own thing, but shes a dam good personal assistant, best friend etc.   If anyone ever needs a trusted Thai for something like a contract or something, I always suggest using my wife, but pay her for her troubles,  she doesn’t give a crap about causing problems, robbing or taking over peoples stuff,  she always says thats not my money. She has alot on her plate already.

I have taken my wife to the UK twice, Cambodia, Vietnam and the best trip ever was walking to base camp, it took us 9 days of walking to get there (minus 10c towards the end) and she didn’t moan at all, there was no heating in the rooms, no electric for phones, our water got frozen,  she was amazed by the views and I was so proud that she came and did it. Shes a warrior and we will do it again this year, she wants to climb Everest also but we will see about that later.   While I am writing about her achievements, shes done skiing, driving exotic cars,  parachuting, skydiving in a wind tunnel,  bungy jump, literally anything I throw at her she does it.  Shes even done Muay Thai and boxing, shes a natural at Muay Thai but she rarely does it. If i pushed her she would. She even finished off her schooling and it wont take long to get a degree,  she worked hard to do those assignments while she was pregnant.

Everest Base camp 5500 metres high and -10c, took us 8-9 days to walk there.


Rock climbing


I had a nasty car crash around 5 years ago and the police told her to take the blame, she was heavily pregnant but she did it.

When I met her I was skinny,  I got quite fat up until 3 years ago when I went on a mad diet and lost it all in 8 months,  she never complained what I looked like and when I got sick for a few years she was a diamond, looking after me, Anthony and the house, she is proud of cleaning the house and she loves to spend time gardening.   Shes also going to the gym on her own now and she comes on 40 minute jogs with me, but I have to shout at her to keep her going lol.

Anyway thats enough compliments I think lol.  I am just happy we will be together forever she knows everything about me and what I have done.  I promised her I will never leave her and we rarely ever argue now. (only really argued when i came back 5 am drunk not being able to remember where I have been)

Thanks for reading our story so far.