Deal fell through for a different reason

Deal fell through for a different reason

April 1, 2017 Off By admin

A barowner/friend of mine told me about a bar for sale on soi 6, but he warned me the guy selling the lease was not to be trusted and hes got issues with the police. This puts most people off but sometimes the best deals is when everyone else is scared. (i wasn’t going to give them any deposit, which is what we normally do.

The price became lower and lower right down to 200k so I aimed for it in the end. But they wanted the money in 3 days, I have enough experience I feel to take on a potentially dodgy deal.

Before that last minute offer, we couldn’t get hold of the guy trying to sell after a while and it took us a while to find out that he was in jail and now his business partner needs the money to get him out of jail or maybe hes taking advantage of the situation.

My wife called the landlord and asked her all the normal questions, rent, key money, contract ok, everything ok. But she said we cannot change the inside layout of the bar, this was a big problem, but for 200k it might still be worth it….

Tonight my wife went to see the landlord and I had prepared her what to do, show her our other bars, tell her we are long term renters and we would even leave a deposit for her to change it back if she wasn’t happy when we sell. (not that we will sell)

It turns out landlord lives upstairs and they are only renting downstairs, everyone failed to tell us this, i think they were looking for someone stupid. My wife has walked away, we don’t want it now, but it might make a nice massage place, but no where for the girls to sleep.