Why its good to write about business or your city.

Why its good to write about business or your city.

March 24, 2017 Off By admin

Why do I enjoy writing? 

For starters, I have always enjoyed writing and people would be shocked at the various styles I can do, my grammar and spelling is totally crap and I don’t care so much about people taking the piss because anyone can learn english, but people cannot learn how to write good, I dont actually claim to be talented but people seem to enjoy my view on things. I find writing is a good way to relax and help people.

As a business owner in Pattaya it is very important to get attention, that could be advertising, making videos or various other methods, but if you want to make good money here, in my opinion you need to create content like videos or tutorials. Be part of the community and give back to help people.

Every write up I do often has an angle something, but honestly talking I do love helping people (not so much socialising) but I find helping people can bring me opportunities, so it makes sense to look at the long game and help people out and share info/promotions. Give the theory, sell the specifics.

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Everytime I publish a write up I get 5-10 messages off people thanking me for teaching them or saving them a ball ache, or thanking me for inspiring them, these messages really make me happy. Or they want to see me because they think they can help me also! Anyone who asks for my help or wants to see me, I do my best to meet them. This is giving me more reach and opportunities long term, there is always a diamond appearing from nowhere willing to help me back, also I have started to be less shy to ask those higher up in the ladder for advice.

I think getting talked about here is important, even if its bad sometimes. I have done my best not to label myself or say I am an expert of anything, but I do try to say how I feel things are and my opinions.

I find being open and honest about certain goals or targets help people understand what you are doing and they can rationalise it and are more likely to support you or feel part of what you are doing, someone said I was some sort of maniac and was surprised I was so rational in real life, thoughtful and calm about everything. If people cannot understand or rationalise what you are doing then they twist it into something most likely bad so they can make sense of it.

I have so much attention, I have world media companies contacting me, I have to be very careful and its times like this I wish I had a mainstream business being plugged, I would really like to have a product I could brand, plug and get out there. I think my full potential is being wasted with bars, because I have many ideas to create people talking, just like how virgin started.

Everyone has a story to tell, its your job to tell it. There is no better way of getting free attention. My useful contact list is growing just from attention grabbing with a few write ups.

There are a few drawbacks, not everyone agrees with what you are doing and why you are doing it. When I am sat with business guys everyone is on the same page and same thoughts, But on facebook there is a broad spectrum of average guys or underachievers that constantly critise everything, their are also friends trying to help, there intentions are nice and I dont get mad with them, but they are judging from a distance without knowing any facts, I don’t document everything I do on facebook, somedays I am too busy to post. I have a thicker skin than ever but sometimes people almost knock the wind out of my sails, trying to impose there boundaries that they accepted themselves. What every people say, providing the end result that you are happy, hurting no one and your family are happy then the rest doesn’t matter so much.

I have almost almost stopped writing about my health problems, because people throw it back in my face and make up that I am sick because I work hard lol. I just wish these guys spend a day with me. I have a good balanced life, ok some weeks I am busy, but then things calm down. My health is getting better and better and I have come a long way in the last 3 years. The other problem I had was people kept approaching me with their health problems, I like helping people but some guys don’t make an effort, they only complain.

I will continue to just write what I feel like, keeping it business, motivational, Pattaya related, I will keep helping guys and see how it goes. If anyone wants to really make a future here, they need to stay away from the bars and come to all our meetings!