Business networking.

Business networking.

March 24, 2017 Off By admin

The more meetings I go to the more important I realise networking is. Im not talking about handing out business cards and just looking out for yourself and meeting wannabes. So many guys fall in love with an idea or their ego makes them take bad decisions.

You cant fuck your idea so there is no point getting romantic about it. Your idea can fuck you if you dont execute effectively. Rather than the market sticking a big dick in your idea…. its best to come to these meetings and ask for some tough love.


Tonight everyone spoke about their business, plans and objectives. Everyone had an opportunity to tear everyones start up ideas apart respectfully. If you are in love with your idea you will continue down that path anyway. But if you listen to the general advice off experienced business guys (not the bloke from down the pub) you can prevent alot of ball ache.

I heard some solid advice tonight, some of it i can apply later but at least my experience/knowledge is more rounded. I love the idea of all the free advice and giving it back. I am meeting some very successful guys. It doesnt matter how rich or important people become. They are still addicted to business and growth, even if they are semi retired. They have alot to add. I am building up real relationships, solid ones because we are all able to help each other.

Ive been asked to do a talk on branding/personal branding etc. I am looking forward to it. I am facing my demons and starting to talk publically.

In short, i am trying to say. 1. Lots of free advice out there 2. Get advice before you invest sweat/money. 3. Find best ways of executing. 4. Soak up all advice and have a word with yourself in the mirror.