How to get a job with Night Wish Group.

How to get a job with Night Wish Group.

March 12, 2017 Off By admin

Everyday guys are messaging me for jobs. (and messaging other guys in our team) So I want to write about our situation here briefly and the best way of going about it.

I am not interested in previous experience or peoples CV, we aren’t looking for experienced bar managers from farangland.

We are looking for very (naturally) socialable guys, (those who fake that they are sociable don’t last long) that can handle a drink most the time, someone that listens, someone that follows strategies/rules, someone that doesn’t get angry, rude or violent. Its about a persons character only, therefore you can only apply in person and we have to get to know guys first. The most successful way of getting a job with us is to get to know all the managers, their opinion of people matters to us.

Some guys message me 5000 miles away, say how wonderful they are (and i am sure they are) and they want us to commit. We are too experienced to make mistakes like that, guys start doing cover with us, if they pass that they get a bar to run.

We don’t currently have any vacancies but we are always looking and as business guys we invest in people, so anyone highly efficient and organised could end up with a very serious role on one of our future business. Most real business guys here are looking for talent/opportunities, guys just don’t realise that.

I will just summarise what I was saying, please don’t message us about jobs unless we know you already, (otherwise its a waste of everyones time) please just walk into Nightwish and speak to Vag, get to know the other managers also and get some cover jobs from us.

Getting a job in Thailand is about being around at right place and right time not about messaging people online, there are many reasons for this, but i will include that in my write up. Try to apply to any job online, only the guys who can turn up at there table has a chance, very tough to get a job before you move here.

I don’t like to talk about this subject or advertise for a job cuz we get bombarded with messages. But we need guys all the time, so i thought i would help guys apply. If guys want a better chance of getting work, they are at an advantage if they build up a following or get to know many guys, every little helps. There are various ways of networking, I ran bar crawls for 2 years for free, I met thousands that way.