The Night Wish Group Story

The Night Wish Group Story

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The Night Wish Group Story

Some guys show an interest in our story and the way we are set up, I will start from the beginning, there has been a lot of managers come and go, and we are grateful to their work, after all its teamwork, we cannot accept all the credit. I am not going to go into figures or finer details of the problems or struggles we have had, I will leave that for another day.

Night Wish Group Website

I was making good money online, I was approached to get involved in bars, its something I didn’t want to do, I don’t like hanging out in bars unless I have someone to talk to or a specific purpose 🙂 But I was told I wouldn’t need to be there. Anyway after lots of bad experiences for a long period, I decided I could do a much better job alone, jaded and wounded, I was on and off with confidence but in the end Sully offered to invest and I asked my dad to. We then brought Night Wish, (4 years ago) Viking flew from Norway to run the bar and we had an epic 6 months of drinking and fun.

Cardinal (Aussie Ben) kept on coming into Night Wish and we got on great, hes a funny guy. He heard about my expansion ideas and we agreed on a plan to get Pussy Club, Ben invested but at the time I made it clear to everyone that they were silent partners because I see so many business owners arguing, and when I have people stopping me, I wont be able to progress the business and I was also worried about someone making trouble, but as we got to know each other Ben became a lead role along side me, we both have different jobs, he takes care of the books, finances and helps over see everything. I don’t drink, so I pop down there early and I take care of police, key money, rents, landlords, licenses and investors and getting more bars. We are very Happy with our roles and often help each other. We are aware of our strengths and weaknesses.

Then along came silverfox aka Per mts, I was sat in Pussy Club one day and I pointed at a building and said I want that one next, he said he was interested in investing, and we went over the details and he sent me the money. That building didn’t happen due to a dodgy contract, but I went and got us Sexy in the City and Horny bar,. Lots of people told me to stop buying bars on the same soi (just like everyone said I was wasting my time starting Pattaya addicts) and we should only have 1, but my strategy worked, also people told me it was a bad idea to have bars next to each other, but almost every bar is in pairs now, that makes life easier for all.

Another investor called Ray came along through a friend (this time I was asking around) and we battled out negotiations and he invested. We then brought Toy Box, Butterfly bar, then foxy then kawaai bar.

Sully decided to sell his shares to us for a huge lump sum so he could get his own bar, so we brought him out and I had space for another investor. His name is Scott and that was our final and last investor. (for now)

The way the bars work, is some do really well some do ok, some break even, so having 9-10 bars is like fishing, you get lucky everyday. However, we have 9-10 farang working with us and there are 6 owners including me, so we aren’t going to get rich but it gives everyone a living to stay here. Gives guys a chance to live the dream.

We are currently working on our 10th bar which is near club 4, 007 and pirates. This will be our first bar off the soi. I am also always looking for more on Soi 6,

We are going to do something similar to ibar on walking street next year, we are going to try and do it without investors. I’m pretty sure we don’t need one, unless someone offers us a good amount to speed things up. This will be a huge deal for us, so I am planning ahead right now. If we need investors I will give a shout out, but I don’t think we do.

The way I set up the business with partners, is we are all equal owners, I have not been greedy, we are in it together, no side bars on the side or investments in just one bar. Lots of guys come to me (because I own Pattaya addicts) and they typically want to invest 1-2 million in a bar with us, but we are not structured that way, because I didn’t want arguments. All our investors sit quiet and let me and Ben and Vag get on with running the business. If guys start mixing percents in bars, it turns into disaster and people get greedy, I have seen it when people have a group of gogos and they have mixed percents, so when one business owner is out of town, they move all the best girls to where they will benefit more. I don’t want to be sat in one of my bars and have a business partner angry because I am not sat in his as much.

I have listed 9 bars above on Soi 6 and one unnamed one near club 4.

In the order of walking down the soi.

Sexy In The City – This bar is ran by a young American called Aj or Adam Judd, he is well known on the forum. Here is the facebook. We also have rooms to rent (best location in the world IMO) lol

Offshore Bar – We have no manager here, just girls.

Foxy Bar – We have a guy called Yannis working here, hes been working with night clubs on walking street and is a great guy.

Butterfly Bar – Liam runs this bar, hes English and is one of the lads, lots of guys starting to go  see him.

Kawaai bar – Miguel runs this bar

Horny bar – Greg runs this bar, hes English and has 15 years of Muay Thai training behind him

Pussy club – Jack runs this, he is one of our experienced managers, hes from Birmingham England, hes a good laugh and knows how to look after guys.

These two bars below are often open until 3-4 am.

Night wish bar – Vag has been running Night Wish for 3 years and hes also our general manager, (He’s Greek) I often tell him hes the real boss, because me and Ben wont be around to make decisions forever. I am too soft, and Ben is too tough (in my opinion) Vag is a happy medium and he often makes the best decisions even if we don’t agree, but we have to trust him and he does a great job, a lot of people try to poach our staff, especially Vag, but hes the most loyal guy ever and we look after him, Hes hard working and dedicated, he thinks business all day and night like me and Ben. Nightwish is often the leading bar in the group and on the soi, partly due to Vag, his sheer quality of girls and its been around 4 years.

Toybox – Tony runs this bar, hes English and is young, its taken him a while to settle in, but his bar now has one of the best line ups on the soi and is one of the busiest on the soi, all the bars do well but occasionally one bar jumps into the limelight for a while. Lets hope its as consistent as Night Wish bar.

I want to point out one thing that I really don’t want to say online, but I strongly believe there is no low season for the best bars. There is always enough guys to fill your bars and if your the best, you will get filled first. During low season the not so good bars get some action. I am not trying to be arrogant, but its a winning attitude to adopt, you cant sit still and blame it on low season, But I know there are other factors such as location letting people down.

I have also planned to start on property development, this was my end goal, to increase profits and not take any out. Then we buy some small land, make a house on it and sell and repeat getting bigger each time. However I found some land 13 rai for 30 million and we have plans for it. But I need an investor, but again I would probably rather not and start off small, it will just take longer.

I have found because I don’t drink alcohol (for 2.5 years and counting) I am more focused and efficient and I am able to do a lot more stuff. Everyone on our team past and present deserves some credit for being part of our group. I am used to shitty land lords, police, lawyers, crappy neighbours and social problems from guys making trouble, I find Muay Thai, boxing daily helps me start my day strong. Although I am often up at 5 am and in bed at 10 pm (so I miss some of the action) I am around to do stuff early, currently we are renovating foxy, so that’s on my job list and our new bar which will have to wait until I get back from Nepal.

At least some mystery has been lifted for some, I am also scared to mention Night Wish group on the forums as there are lots of guys moaning that we ruined the soi, we just adapted like the rest and sales tell us the majority prefer it. We have proven this by leaving bars closed, offshore costs us a lot in lost sales by keeping it closed. We couldn’t afford to keep Foxy bar closed for any longer, so we are opening it up.

We have a photographer that comes by often, please check our facebook pages for picture updates.

I often write things about Pattaya and share pictures/events, if you are interested please add me https://www.facebook…/laamok.pattaya

Just a quick update, we opened Club Sin a few weeks ago (late November) which is located near club 4 on soi bongkot 8. (soi full love inn)


Update. JClub is now open a few doors down from Club Sin.

Update. We took over Mods bar and we have 4 more coming.