A gogo owner ripped off by his manager.

A gogo owner ripped off by his manager.

March 7, 2017 Off By admin

I’ve had lots of business owners coming to me for help. 2 gogo owners this last few weeks have received my help. I am probably creating a few enemies but they are bad people.

Here is another story. A gogo lease holder has a manager. The manager is meant to be paying him monthly to buy the bar off the leaseholder. The manager has stopped paying him many months ago. The leaseholder is too busy in his home country and cant come back to sort it out and throw him out.

The leaseholders friend asked me to take over the business and throw the manager out. We were going to consult landlord, police and lawyers to take on this fun task. I hate cheaters so fuck him.

I spoke to the landlord and he said the lease is already in the managers name. He said he was given lots of legal papers and he changed the lease lawfully. I know the police/lawyers that did this dirty work. He also tried to contact the leaseholder but he doesnt reply to messages because hes too busy.

Word will get back to him today that he’s been ripped off today. The lesson here is you cannot run/keep a business from 5000 miles away long term unless you really have someone you trust.