Here is a classic example how business owners here don’t understand marketing.

Here is a classic example how business owners here don’t understand marketing.

March 6, 2017 Off By admin

We approached a “friends” non bar business and said we will take 10 girls there and do a photo shoot inside his establishment and it will help his business.

He asked… How will it help? how much will you pay us? We explained that having some very nice pictures of their establishment with hot girls is very good for promotion and shared on all our platforms. Still he said he should get some money for us using his business. We said you should be paying us… not the other way around.

I want to point out, that all the photos in his place would be given to him to use freely, the pictures would be tagged on over 15 facebook accounts (our team) pictures put on 18 Facebook pages with an insane amount of likes, word of mouth, pattaya-addicts, plus there lucky customers enjoying the view of the ladies. And then added to twitter and our up and coming Instagram account, not to mention all my accounts on twitter, Instagram and facebook…

Then don’t even get me started on the branding value it adds. The whole thing is a no brainer, too many people think about grabbing money today and not thinking about the future.

I have one thing to say, on Wednesday I am driving to BKK to meet a very successful website owner with 1m visits per month. He will be putting me on his website and in turn I will promote our group of bars. This will take me around 8 hours of my day, fuel costs, food, drink etc. This may only generate a few customers, but if i do stuff daily it all adds up, too many guys are lazy and looking at easy/fast ideas, while i am running around getting as much exposure as possible, if it takes me 6 hours to write one good article for a website, I will do it. Small little building blocks will create a mansion in the end.

If any friends of mine have a business/villa/boat they want to promote, please get in touch. We can do the photo shoots in our bars, but we feel getting out there and going onto other peoples pages add value also.