Common questions I get asked.

Common questions I get asked.

February 25, 2017 Off By admin

Common questions I get asked.

How do you do so much?

I set things up and employ someone to do it, the whole time I rarely commit to daily chores long term, my aim is to keep all of my time clear, but I still end up having 3-4 meetings per day. I keep my time free so I can react quickly when I find a bar for sale, need to see lawyers, set up new businesses, see police or do boring chores.

Whats the difference between me and other bar owners?

There are lots of differences, my skills and mindset are a huge one, but I strongly believe if you want to grow a business here you cannot drink or at least often. You cannot sit in your bars all day. I can sit at home and give our business an outside look, constantly think, keep track of everything and when there is an issue I can spend my time dealing with it. Also, a lot of bar owners drink alcohol daily and try to make decisions, this is disastrous for the business, it’s a weakness in the business. Even 24 hours after being drunk your brain is still under the influence, we have all had a heavy week on drinking and made bad decisions during the day. You cannot run a business like that, I am up 4.30 am this morning and working. I have been sober for 3 years. In Pattaya that is a huge advantage.

How many bars do you want?

There is no real answer for that, at the end of every year I try and set us a target. Its not about money or greed, I just love all of this stuff in every way possible. I love giving guys jobs. Our team loves it also.

Whats next?

For various reasons I want us to focus on soi 6, I am asking around to sell jclub and club sin, they are great bars, but I want us to get back that money and spend it on soi 6, that is our domain and we are very efficient down soi 6 because we have so many eyes and ears and help. I want us to go into property development soon. I keep thinking about a Nightclub for us also.

Do I scare about getting arrested for being a bar owner?

I ignore most comments from guys that we are all getting arrested and deported but one day just for a laugh, I phoned our lawyer and some very influential people, and they just laughed and it made me feel stupid because I don’t believe it either.

What direction am I going into personally?

There is a lot of things I don’t wish to talk about publically because I don’t want to give all my secrets away, but I would like to start consulting businesses in setup or ongoing. This will give me some income and even more experience, that is why I am helping guys for free, good karma and experience.

Is Pattaya addicts down because of the army?

I needed to update the forum 2 years ago and a friend told me it looked dated, so I sprung to action, but the server guys cant fix it, Ive had 4 hours sleep because I want to resolve the issue asap.