Strategies to find work in Thailand

February 23, 2017 Off By admin

Im still thinking of things to write my book on how to work or make money to stay in Thailand.

I think the following strategies are good

– dont fall out with people whatever they do (within reason)

– personal branding

– working for free, unless you have a job offer. Just because you have a degree doesnt mean your worth more in a new environment

– eat dirt for at least 2 years. Few treats as possible. Maybe a weekly barfine only

– do your best to stay away from alcohol

– be honest about your situation and needs

– share. Your ideas arent worth shit. Its the execution that is the hard bit. Find someone that can help

– offer sweat equity to get partnerships

– surround yourselfs by business owners/managers, opportunities do arise.

– try and get percents if no salary offered. Its easier for business owner if they are short on money

– know who to listen to and who not to listen to

– dont put up bounderies, there are always ways around things. Just aim for what you want and work ur way up.

– ask questions, business owners are often happy to answer questions if you are there customer.

– try to get a following or specialise in something, you will start getting people refered to you.

– work as many hours as you can on as many projects as possible. Its like fishing, you will catch something.

– look for trends in peoples businesses to see why some are successful. Figure that shit out and use it later.

– know when its time to start asking for money

– get as many commission only sales jobs as possible and go hustle. The more you work the more you earn. But dont get lazy when u start making good money. Try to think long term.

– look for deals in for sale sections. See whos making money.

– look at publications here to see who is advertising and how they are doing it

And most importantly work for free if you dont have a job lined up. Working for free is a far easier way to get your foot in the door. Prove you can add enough value to the business to warrant a pay accordingly.

Lastly, we had a guy doing our graphic design for us for free for 2 years. Hes got better and better and hes proven himself with his self motivating work ethic. Now he has a full time job with us because we are big enough to warrant a full time salary. Thats a perfect example of getting a job here. Creating a job!