101 Signs of becoming successful at business

February 17, 2017 Off By admin

101 Signs of becoming successful at business or at least going in the right direction.

1. Banks become a daily chore
2. Constantly trying to get mortgages
3. Seeing accountants and lawyers often
4. Trying to remember when car insurances expire
5. Chasing up debts
6. Money problems dont go away they just get bigger.
7. Collecting rents
8. Managing people
9. Courses and education
9. More holidays
10. Less small things to worry about
11. Bigger things to worry about
12. Work long hours but play hard when you get a break
13. Moving away from alcohol and training more
14. Having any hobby you want
15. Having rich and powerful friends that are useful and open doors for you
16. Needing more people to reach out and trust
17. Large losses ocassionally
18. Stress that needs to be managed
19. Hedonistic lifestyle
20. Appreciating and enjoying finer foods
21. Not doing things you dont want to do!
22. Lots more choices
23. Having the ability to help those surrounding you
24. Giving to charity often
25. Regular visits to land office
26. Stacks of contracts to manage
27. Knowing business law
28. Having tons of contacts
29. People sending you CVs constantly
30. People asking for jobs constantly
31. Investment offers
32. Investment requests
33. Important Thais acknowledging you as a human
34. Investors happy and never contacting you
35. Favours offered and favours given
36. Having lots of staff to do everything
37. Monthly expenses going through the roof
38. Kids going to the best schools
39. Better hospitals
40. Knowing more police
41. Knowing government officials in many offices.
42. Access to more females
43. Giving suitable friends jobs
44. Knowing many business owners
45. Helping friends get jobs
46. Lots of stuff become free to use/access
47. Getting random haters
48. People talking about you
49. Media attention
50. Making police reports often
51. Knowing lots of landlords
52. People asking you for advice
53. People asking you for help
54. Hundreds of messages per day
55. Struggling to find time for family
56. Fed up wife haha
57. Wife thinking every female wants you
58. Using builders daily
59. Having a builder as a good friend
60. More partnership opportunities
61. People assuming you have excess money to use.
62. People assuming ur some business guru
63. Inspiring people
64. People imitating you
65. Daily bills
66. Paying rent daily
67. Looking at new businesses often
68. Looking at opportunities all the time
69. Regular meetings
70. Making regular sacrafices
71. Spending more time delegating than working
72. Becoming mentally stronger
73. Trying to read more
74. No time for TV or movies
75. Learning to suffer
76. Learning to ignore problems
77. Flying often
78. No masterbating anymore
79. Less people critising you
80. Leading various things
81. Saying the words project often
82. Having a boat that u never use
83. Hiding assets
84. Having so many companies you cant remember
85. Bankers trying to sell you shit everyday when you go in
86. Sales people badgering you
87. Having the ability to clear a day when needed
88. Being able to keep ontop of health issues swiftly
89. Plans become larger and more distant ahead.
90. Having less doubts
91. Getting things done faster
92. More freedom to break the law
93. Paying many cops
94. Having security
95. Having problem solvers one phone call away
96. People asking you for ideas
97. People giving you silly ideas
98. People trying to rip you off
99. Spending time in the house is a rarity
100. 5 hours sleep at night and a power nap during the day
101. More expectations from you

If you find yourself with many of the above. Then your becoming successful at business. Of course life success is just happiness, but if you like to sit on the edge where most people are uncomfortable, you will get many of the above.