Bryan Flowers in Pattaya – Thailand

My name is Bryan Flowers,  I was into Internet Marketing and SEO for many years (2011) and cryptocurrency.  I have also written about some of the stuff I have learned managing over 430 staff and currently owning over 3 businesses across 26 locations in Pattaya, I shall be writing a book with many of my experiences in Pattaya and with businesses there. I got involved in cryptocurrency around 2014 and started doing it heavily again in 2017. It have deeply got into trading many asset classes and investing in stocks and shares.

I had been writing on Facebook to share my knowledge to prevent people from getting scammed or losing their business. Many people have messaged me for help and I have helped many people over the years, I am writing a book with all these articles and about my journey here, I would like to inspire and motivate people in my efforts.

My next chapter in life is to fuse all my personal branding skills, seo skills, cryptocurrency info, growth mindset, motivation, success and internet marketing skills and will offer crypto/investments products or services later on once I have finished writing some courses. I have started a crypto investing guide.  If you want any crypto info in the meantime please visit my crypto facebook page where I simply share useful videos and links after I have consumed them. Bryan Flowers  Crypto/Trading

I am looking into expanding business in Thailand while focusing personally on investments, writing and trading. I would like to teach people to become financially free with abundance.

UPDATE: I deleted my posts but they are back up again and I am making a new website

We can help you buy/sell businesses here, business planning, offer security, due diligence, and consultancy. Please read more here.

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