11 tips incase you are set up

I’m going to get blasted again for this but I am going to say it anyway because I like helping people.

Here are 11 tips incase you face bib (po) and get set up.

  1. 1. Remain calm, polite and never get angry
    2. Never get a lawyer involved until your facing court. They tell me they hate that.
    3. Always carry money and try to pay the first “fine” to the first guy and exit before it escalates, price keeps going up.
    4. Get a Thai involved, much preferably a Thai wife
    5. Show baby photos if you have a half Thai baby.
    6. Plead poverty
    7. Tell them you have less than 60k to your name.
    8. Have a spare bank account with 40-60k in it and show them online
    9. If you have notice you can buy time by staying at a temple, while you plan
    10. Have a police guys business cards for them to call. But often they will push it away or refuse to talk to anyone on the phone..
    11. Get their names/numbers/ID if they dont show it they are unlikely to be police