Preparing to buy a bar or small business in Pattaya

Preparing to buy a bar or small business in Pattaya and having a better chance of success. Not all of them are mandatory but it will give you your best chance.

1. Learn Thai
2. Live here a few years
3. Surround yourself with relevant bar owners
4. Have a deep understand of psychology.
5. Learn about Pattaya
6. Learn about the business you will start
7. Learn about Thai people
8. Make contacts and collect numbers i.e builders, plumbers
9. Find some trustworty Thais and build relationships
10. Learn about business law and relevant laws
11. Structure the business in mind of growth later
12. Offer to help at relevant businesses for free.
13. Try and get a managers job
14. Make sure you dont turn into an alcoholic
15. Host parties for free at friends businesses, you promote and host them. This builds up a following.
16. Run bar crawls for years for free like i did, i must have met thousands of guys that way
17. Start a facebook group and make a community.
18. Gather followers by posting great content about pattaya, such as street photos, or failing that share news or start debates
19. Self awareness and build around your strengths
20. Get to know local officials, civil and police
21. Be prepared to work 12-15 hours a day, you need to drop other stuff.
22. Sit in some bars for many hours and see if you can cope being in one place
23. Study behaviours of customers
24. Look for busy sois
24. Create a good layout, seek alot of advice because this is critical imo
25. Find a method to get ladies – if you dont have this yet dont open. You can test your system by supplying a friends bar with commission.
26. Think long and hard how your relationship with your lady may suffer.
27. Plan – too many items to list.
28. Read and write Thai.
29. Vblogging or blogging
30. Meet as many people as you can

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