Another tragic story

A guy brought a gogo on his ladies advice, they had only been to walking street twice and they brought a double unit on soi 6. They spent 3m making it into a gogo. They had never been to soi 6 before and didn’t know any police.
When they opened they didn’t have any licenses at all, he said they would just pay the cops off when/if they come. He was a pilot before.
The business wasn’t doing very well, lots of local business owners and customers offered advice, for example on there opening night they must have had 100+ girls I was told, (from an agency) and they offered first drink free, so guys left after there first one, this is a bad start. The business needs to make money from day one and everyday after.
He didn’t want guys coming to see him, he rather sat alone and he moaned when a friend introduced him to a good customer. He kept parking his car out the front of the door, so no one could see if it was open, their was a catalog of problems. He started selling beer for 39 baht and that’s the end of the journey if someone does that strategy. He was almost never there and let some tom boys and males to run it unattended, so he was probably getting robbed blind.
His wife had a baby recently and the baby died, then his wife died a few days ago. He had put 3m baht into a tom boys account because he didn’t want it in his for a strange reason. The tomboy ran off. He paid the police 150k to get the money back, they did nothing. Then he gave a lawyer 200k to get his money back and they did nothing. (should have paid a % of what they recover)
He ran out of money and is pissed off with Thailand and he walked away from the business with nothing at all, he could have sold it but he was so pissed off he wanted to leave. He’s probably lost 6-10m including business losses.
The biggest problem with this guy as with many that fail, is he didn’t seek advice or listen to advice. He trusted people too much and expected to much. Now he has nothing at all and has returned to his home country. I also told him to hand me the keys and we will give him a percent of profit. (he wanted 20m for his business and slowly went down to 6.5m but i still wasn’t interested)
As I keep saying Pattaya is a town for men, any guys weak minded, too trusting or led by the nose will lose all their shit here. I was gutted when I got this story yesterday. The landlord told me.